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klein normaal groot

What is docu.vlaamserand?

The website is a digital knowledge centre on the Flemish periphery. Various kinds of information on the 19 peripheral municipalities around Brussels are gathered in an extensive database which can be consulted via 3 different entries. The website is in Dutch, but the database contains documents in other languages as well. So if you enter key words in the search form in English or in French we will also guide until you find the information you wish.

What kind of information can I find there?

You will find scientific publications and statistics, but also annual reports of organisations, articles and other literature on the Flemish periphery. All titles are included in a bibliographical system. In case this information is available in digital form, it can be downloaded immediately via this website. Statistics relating to municipalities are offered via the key figures web page. There you can search for detailed figures per municipality.

For whom is this website intended?

With this tool we hope to inform quickly and efficiently a large target group consisting of specialised researchers, students, governments, administrations, civil society and anyone who is interested in the Flemish periphery in all its aspects. Besides knowledge dissemination there is also the ambition to encourage and support scientific research on the Flemish periphery by means of a specialised website. Students or researchers who are working in the field of the Flemish periphery can contact us for further support.

Not finding what you are looking for?

Then you can use our contact page. We will try to help you as best as we can until you have obtained the information you wish.


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